Fee Structure

Tuition fees are calculated on a R 100/credit basis. This leads to ESSA offering the probably most reasonably priced BTh programme in South Africa.

Application Fee
payable on application (non-refundable)
R 250
Programme Fee
payable once – before registration of first course
(initial set-up cost, including the purchase of a Kindle ™ device for the student)
R 3000
Registration Fee (based on a R 100/credit ratio)
payable per 16 credit-course (24x for the full programme)
(students will not be registered for another course if there are outstanding fees)
R 1600

The registration fee may sound high but is required to cover the set-up cost of purchasing a Kindle device, preparing materials and adding them to the linked device, etc.
The total cost for the BTh programme is R 41650 altogether. Considering that most other programmes charge an average of R 20.000/year we consider ESSA’s programme to be a viable option.