Fee Structure

Tuition fees are calculated on a R 100/credit basis. This leads to ESSA offering the probably most reasonably priced BTh programme in South Africa.

Application Fee
payable on application (non-refundable)
R 250
Utilities Fee
payable per year of studies (this fee is meant to contribute towards tea, coffee, internet fees and other sundry material but NOT copies, printing and other high cost items).
R 250
Registration Fee (per course)
payable per 10 credit-course on a basis of R 100/credit
(students will not be registered for another course as long as there are outstanding fees)
R 1000
Total R 250 + (R 1000 * 36) + (R 250 * 3) R 37 000

The total cost for the BTh programme is R 37 000 altogether. Considering that most other programmes charge an average of R 20.000/year we consider ESSA’s programme to be a viable option.