Dates and times of courses for 2015

The following dates have been planned for the first courses. Please keep in mind that changes will happen as lecturers are yet to confirm dates.

Course Name Credits Dates Lecturer
Orientation  0 26-30 Jan  Johannes Klapprodt
Study Skills and Research Methods  16 2-6 Mar  Karen Suderman
Survey of the OT  16 9-13 Mar  Dr. Bob Wielenga
Survey of the NT  16 18-22 May  Dr. Rose Nyirimana
Turning Points in Christianity  16 25-29 May  Johannes Klapprodt
Hermeneutics & Exegesis  16 24-28 Aug  Bud Diener
Pentateuch  16 31 Aug – 4 Sep  Dr. Riens de Haan
Systematic Theology 1  16 2-6 Nov  Andrew Suderman
Life of Christ  16 9-13 Nov  Dr. Rose Nyirimana

The general overview of a week of classes in the Block release mode will look as shown below:
Again, of course, changes are possible and the exact allocation of class hours will be up to the lecturers discretion.

Block model class schedule

(Please click on image for a better view)


Allocation of Credits

Credits are usually allocated on the basis of “notional study hours” of 10 hours per credit. In short students are expected to spend a total of 10 hours for each credit they receive. These 10 hours can include class time, personal studies, reflection and writing of assignments as well as group projects or excursions, etc.




Exam Preparation


30 hours
200 pages read
a brief assignment
30 + 10 hours
30 hours of class time
10 hours of group project
65 hours
400 pages read
a major assignment
23 hours
review and reflection of material
2 hours
exams will most probably take place as recorded interviews

In case of 8-credit courses the allocation will, of course, be adjusted accordingly.