Bachelor of Theology (BTh)

As of 2020 ESSA will be offering the Bachelor of Theology degree.

The BTh programme will consist of 384 credits with an exit Level 7 on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).
The BTh will be offered in a block-release or modular system in a contact but non-residential model.

The programme will consist of 36 courses, of 10 credits each, to a total of 384 credits and is offered as a full-time programme (3 years) or a part-time programme (up to 8 years).

This modular or block-release BTh degree will allow

  • students to remain in employment or ministry
  • churches to be connected to their supported student(s)
  • churches to observe changes and development of their student(s)
  • ministries to continue with a minimal time of leave (12 weeks/year for full-time students)
  • students to not be isolated from realities but to integrate studies and ministry
  • churches to make use of their student(s) throughout the studies and not be sidelined

The current course offering is not set in stone but will have to be developed and amended balancing accreditation restrictions and current needs.
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Understanding the Bible

Understanding Tradition

Understanding Ministry


BIB 101
Survey of the Old Testament (part 1)
TRA 101
Systematic Theology (part 1)
MIN 101
Teaching as Ministry
COR 101
Study Skills & Research Methods
BIB 102
Survey of the Old Testament (part 2)
TRA 102
Turning Points in Christianity
MIN 102
COR 201
Academic Communication
BIB 103
Survey of the New Testament (part 1)
TRA 201
Systematic Theology (part 2)
MIN 201
Church & Disciple-making
COR 301
Thinking Theologically
BIB 104
Survey of the New Testament (part 2)
TRA 202
The Early Church
MIN 202
Youth & Children’s Ministry
BIB 105
Hermeneutics & Exegesis
TRA 203
Introduction to World Missions
MIN 203
 Ministry Experience Journal (8 Cr.)
BIB 106
Life of Christ
TRA 301
Church in Africa
MIN 204
Pastoral Care
 Ministry Experience Journal (8 Cr.)
BIB 107
TRA 302
Evangelical Christianity
MIN 205
Church and HIV/AIDS
 Ministry Experience Journal (8 Cr.)
BIB 201
Major & Minor Prophets
TRA 303
Ethics and Problem-solving
MIN 301
Principles of Development
BIB 202
New Testament Epistles
TRA 304
Leadership & Management
MIN 302
Urban Ministry
BIB 203
Poetic & Wisdom Literature
TRA 305
World-Religions & Cross-Cultural Ministry
MIN 303
Gender Issues
BIB 301
Apocalyptic Literature
TRA 306
MIN 304
Peace & Justice / Current Issues