While the Seminary is getting ready for re-accreditation we would like to continue serving the church by offering training and teaching in various settings.

The odd workshops

Admittedly this is a very odd name for a workshop offered by the Evangelical Seminary of Southern Africa. The workshop is not really odd or strange as you might think at first. It is simply taking place in most odd months of the year. It is also odd in that it will cover various topics and you don’t need to register or commit at all.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The workshops will be running on Monday evenings (7.30 pm) at ESSA (189 Pine Street, Library building) and you either decide to be there or not. The courses may seem odd as they do not bear any credits. They may also appear odd as they do not cost anything – however a donation for study notes is appreciated.

Previous Topics:

  • Introduction to Islam
  • Christian Apologetics
  • Teaching & Presenting in a Church Context
  • Fundraising & Finances
  • Introduction to Preaching
  • Last Days & the Bible
  • The Holy Spirit of the Bible
  • Jesus and Politics
  • Understanding Salvation in the Bible
  • Leadership & Power

Upcoming Topics might include:

  • Spiritual Powers and the Bible
  • 1 Peter – Get ready to suffer?
  • 2 Timothy – What on Earth are we doing?
  • The Sending of the Church
  • World Religions
  • Church Growth Models and Reality

If you do have any suggestions or preferences, please feel free to let us know.
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Training on Demand

The Seminary is committed to serve the churches through theological education. However this training need not be limited to tertiary education with all the conditions (credits, entry and admission criteria, fees, exams, etc.) but can include a variety of informal training opportunities. Some churches have expressed an interest to receive training in a particular field but the church can’t possibly all come to the Seminary. And they shouldn’t have to.

The Training on Demand concept envisions the church, congregation or denomination to describe a topic or subject they would like to focus on. The church also prescribes the number of hours, the setting, the venue and the arrangement. E.g. 4 Thursday evenings for 2 hours each. Or a Friday evening, Saturday all day and a Sunday until noon (incl. sermon) – 10 hours altogether. Or …
The church will arrange the venue and invite their own people (and maybe anyone else whom they wish to invite) and sets the stage. ESSA provides the lecturer for the topic, the material and the preparation.

The level of training and in-depth grappling with the topics can be customized and adapted to the particular needs and preferences of the church. The dates and times fit the church calendar and the training happens in-house, where most church members are most comfortable to attend. Do you need more good reasons to let the Seminary serve you?

Previous “training on demand” topics:

  • Christian Sects & Cults
  • Who is our God
  • Evangelism in Postmodern Society
  • Leadership & Power
  • etc.

Many more topics are possible and we are willing to focus on your needs rather than our own preferences. In theory any “odd” workshop topics are also possible as a Training on demand concept. Kindly check those topics for more details.
Cost: since this is understood to be a “service” to the churches we would like to keep the cost as minimal as possible. Cost of study material would range from R 10 – R 20 per person for printing, etc.