Registration Imminent !?

Dear Friends

We have received word that our Registration may be imminent and that we might finally be able to start offering the BTh programme.

As a recap: the Seminary has been deregistered in 2011. To be able to offer academic programmes again ESSA needed to have the programmes accredited (BTh accredited since Nov 2017) and to have the programmes entered into the SAQA database (March 2018). The final step is to have ESSA registered as Private Higher Education Institution by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET).

We are only permitted to advertise the programme and register students once all three criteria have been met. Currently we are awaiting the final outcome of the last step: Registration as PHEI with DHET.

IF this final step is completed by Friday 31st May 2019 we will start the BTh programme as follows:

6-7 June Orientation for New Students
08-12 July COR 101: Study Skills and Research Methods
05-09 August BIB 103: NT Survey pt 1
10 August Spiritual Formation
12-16 August BIB 104: NT Survey pt 2
09-13 September BIB 101: OT Survey pt 1
14 September Spiritual Formation
16-20 September BIB 102: OT Survey pt 2
07-11 October TRA 102: Turning Points in Christianity
04-08 November MIN 101: Teaching as Ministry

As time is running short the actual decision of whether or not we will be able to run the programme in 2019 will be extremely short-notice.

We will keep you informed about any new developments.

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